Getting started with Kinect SDK

Yesterday Microsoft announced the release of Kinect SDK Beta, and welcomed the world join it’s Natural User Interface success it has had with XBOX and KINECT. XBox + Kinect has been a smashing success and trust me when I say this- it’s the ultimate party device.

With the launch of the Kinect for Windows SDK beta, Microsoft brings motion-control and voice-recognition technology to developers and researchers. The SDK enables the academic research and enthusiast communities to create rich experiences by using Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect sensor technology on computers running Windows 7.

Kinnect for Windows SDK Home

The Kinect for Windows SDK beta includes:

  • Drivers, for using Kinect sensor devices on a computer running Windows 7.
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) and device interfaces, together with technical documentation.
  • Source code samples
Download Kinect for Windows SDK beta


Hardware Requirements include a Kinect for Xbox 360 sensor; a computer with a dual-core, 2.66-GHz (or faster) processor; a Windows 7-compatible graphics card with support for DirectX 9.0c capabilities, and 2GB of RAM.

Software Requirements includes Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010 (even Express edition), and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

Get the full scoop of the SDK Launch @Ujjwal’s post and some great Quickstart Videos below.

Demo: Flying copters using Kinect SDK beta