How to find your Windows 10 Build number?

There are times when you are trying to find a patch/hotfix for your version of Windows (eg. Windows 10 Build 1703).

System properties only give you the Windows versions i.e. Windows 10 Enterprise.

Here’s how to find your build number:

  • Open “Settings” (the Windows 10 version, not the classic one)
  • Select “System”
  • Select “About”

You’ll find the Edition and Version mentioned here clearly. E.g.

Edition: Windows 10 Enterprise

Version: 1703


OneNote 2016 Screen Clipping Shortcut Key – How to Change?

Windows 10 Creators Update replaces OneNote’s popular screen clipping shortcut: Win + Shift + S. Starting with the Creators Update, this shortcut will be a global hotkey — an Operating System feature that will capture a screen region from any application and copy it to clipboard — powered by Snipping Tool’s new “/CLIP” command-line.

Here’s how to set your own Shortcut.