Playing HD videos on a Netbook

Or in my case an Inspiron 6000. You just need to install CoreAVC codec and Media Player Classic player with a few tweaks in the settings.

Settings for Media Player Classic Player:

Install Media Player Classic. Click “View” and “Options…”. Select “Internal filters” and un-check the following checkboxes:
– H264/AVC (DXVA)
– H264/AVC (FFmpeg)

Now go to Playback->Output where i suggest to leave the settings set to “System Default”.
This is what i used and it worked really well.

Click “Ok” to save changes.

Settings for CoreAVC:
Install CoreAVC and open it’s configuration menu. Set the settings like this:
– leave everything set to “Auto detect”
– set Deblocking to “Skip always”
– set Deinterlacing to “Hardware”

Click “Ok” to save settings.

It’s an awesome fix, all credits and thanks to Emviper1’s post here (damn that’s a cool name)