Evernote Vs Microsoft OneNote




  • Cross platform


  • No Conditional Formatting
  • No Predefined Styles
  • Pasting content (Web version) retains source formatting and has no option to paste with Destination formatting


Great for MIND DUMPS, organizing lots of small notes, tagged and easy to get back to later.


  • Far Superior Desktop app


  • No Tagging support
  • Mobile access requires O365 subscription



Great for serious RESEARCH and lengthy notes with various clippings, graphical content, annotations, and touchscreen capabilities.

Changing Font in Notepad++


  • Choose the menu option Settings – Style Configurator…
  • In the Style configurator dialog, choose the Global Styles language
  • Then , select the Default Style style
  • Finally, in the Font Style area, you can select your favourite font and/or its size, too

Switching to tabs to the right or left of the current tab in Notepad++

Switching PCs? It’s easy to forget some custom configs to some of your favorite apps.

This one is for one of my favorites Notepad++:

“How to switch to the document to the left or right of the current document in Notepad++”

Solution: Disable the MRU functionality

  1. Navigate to Settings > Preferences… > MISC..
  2. Where it says Document Switcher (Ctrl+TAB) uncheck the first check box Enable.
  3. Hit the Close button.

See full Solution here: https://superuser.com/questions/137230/switching-to-tabs-to-the-right-or-left-of-the-current-tab-in-notepad